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Teen Rehab

Kokua Academy / Teen Rehab

What are teen rehabs?

As research continues to establish the importance of age-appropriate therapeutic care, many families are turning to teen rehabs for help with their child’s drug or alcohol use issues. An adolescent recovery program provides a secure, nurturing environment for teenagers to replace unhealthy substance use habits with positive and fulfilling behaviors. Teen rehab centers offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Personalized Approach: Every teen brain is different, and no teenage brain is like an adult brain. Teenagers still have plenty of cognitive, mental, physical, and behavioral development before adulthood, which is why drug and alcohol abuse can do such lasting damage. teen rehabs
  • Educational Components: Many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol because they simply aren’t aware of the dangers they pose. A facts- and evidence-based teen rehab program explains the risks associated with substance use in a way that teens can understand and remember in the years to come.
  • Family Support: Young men and women depend on their parents, siblings, and close friends for encouragement and advice. A successful rehab programs doesn’t just help the teen grow—it also teaches their parents how to help their child control their impulses, manage their emotions, and set achievable goals for the future.
  • Peer-To-Peer Engagement: Dealing with substance use disorder can be a lonely, isolating experience. Teens in our rehab program are encouraged to share their struggles and successes with peers are experiencing similar circumstances.

The most effective teen rehab centers are long-term, residential facilities that provide a secure place for teens to reflect on the past and plan for the future. These teen rehabs generally include individual and group therapies, family educational sessions, and exciting recreational activities.

Although they bear some resemblance to adult rehab facilities, successful adolescent recovery programs treat teenagers with the sensitivity, respect, and care that their young minds deserve. Teen rehab programs like Kokua Recovery are designed to offer teenagers stability and support during this challenging period in their lives.

Who do teen rehabs help?

Drug and alcohol abuse has an enormously negative impact on a teenager’s mental, physical, social, and emotional development. Habits formed during adolescence can make it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, challenging to study in college, and impossible to hold down a steady job during adulthood. That’s why it is so important to address bad habits before they become lifelong struggles. 

Are you concerned that a teenaged loved one might be abusing substances? While some amount of experimentation is common among teens, substance use disorder does not discriminate. Young people from every ethnic group, socio-economic bracket, and family background struggle with substance abuse every day. The most commonly abused substances among teenagers are alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. These substances not only impair good judgement and pose serious health risks, but also inhibit normal mental growth. Here are some of the warning signs:

  • They are hanging out with different friends: Although social networks shift and change during adolescence, many teenagers pick up drug and alcohol habits from friends who already use these substances.
  • They seem depressed, aggressive, or anxious: Sudden emotional changes sometimes stem from mental health issues, but can also point to substance use. If your teen is quitting sports, dropping out of treasured activities, or skipping time with friends and family, they may be struggling.  
  • They are engaging in risky behaviors: Everyone knows that walking on the wild side is part of adolescents, but sometimes dangerous behavior is a call for help. If your teen is hanging out in dangerous areas, engaging in harmful sexual habits, or pursuing other harmful activities, then something deeper might be in play.

Because their brains have not fully matured, many teenagers struggle to visualize the long-term consequences of substance abuse. They may resist treatment and therapy, arguing that their substance use is “normal” or “not a big deal.” Responsible parents and caregivers understand, however, that any drug and alcohol abuse deserves immediate attention.

How does Kokua Recovery help teens recover from substance use?

In Native Hawaiian, the word “kokua” means “to extend sacrificial help to another.” The nurturing, supportive community conjured up by those words is exactly the type of environment that we create for our young residents.

Many teen rehabs promise to deliver life-changing results in just a few short weeks, but research suggests that these programs simply lead to more problems down the line. Study after study has revealed that it takes at least half a year, and sometimes longer, to fully eliminate harmful behavior patterns and place teenagers firmly on the path to recovery.

That is why we’ve structured our teen rehab around long-term residencies, in-depth therapeutic programs, and community-based interventions that support the whole person. The Kokua Recovery teen rehab program focuses on removing teenagers from stressful environments, replacing unhealthy habits with wholesome ones, and crafting a recovery program in which the whole family can participate.

Many of the teens we help have spent years developing destructive, damaging behavioral patterns. Research and experience has taught our therapeutic team that the best way to eliminate these harmful habits is to replace them with enjoyable, fulfilling pursuits.

When teens enter one of our state-of-the-art treatment facilities, nestled into the beautiful Colorado landscape, they meet a team of experienced, licensed clinicians who will remain by their side throughout the entire treatment period. Alongside peers of the same gender and age, they learn to examine their current behavior, reflect on past missteps, and chart a positive course for their future.

At Kokua Recovery, we encourage residents to stay engaged with the community and wisely steward their resources. By sharing their living space, helping with chores, and participating in social activities, teens strengthen lifelong habits of responsibility and community. And what better way to foster healthy habits than getting outdoors? Our location puts us within reach of endless outdoor recreation opportunities, including:  

  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Hiking and backpacking
  • Team sports like soccer and basketball
  • Personal gym and fitness time
  • Wilderness exploration

When Kokua Recovery residents aren’t participating in group sessions or having one-on-one discussions with their therapists, they have plenty of time to enrich themselves physically, spiritually, and socially. We ask each student to set aside a period for self-care and self-reflection every day.

Treatment for Teen Drug and Alcohol Use at Kokua Recovery

Do you know a teen who’s struggling with a dependence on drugs or alcohol? While interest in substances is common among teenagers, it’s vital to address serious abuse before it deepens into a lifelong struggle. Since teenage brains are growing and changing each day, however, the treatments that work well for adults don’t always help adolescents thrive.

At Kokua Recovery, we’ve made experiential, evidence-based therapies the cornerstone of our treatment approach. Our licensed clinical staff uses a range of time-tested methodologies to identify the physical, mental, and social barriers that prevent our students from pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Once we have pinpointed each student’s individual struggles, we put together a balanced, diversified therapeutic plan that focuses on:  

  • Identifying and replacing harmful habits
  • Building and maintaining strong, supportive relationships
  • Developing consciousness of social cues, norms, and expectations
  • Strengthening self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem
  • Cultivating transparency and compassion in every area of life

Students participate in at least 40 hours of therapy each week. In both individual and group settings, they dig deep into their struggles and learn time-tested strategies for success.

Experiential wilderness therapies are also a crucial component of the Kokua Recovery teen rehab program. Our proximity to dozens of recreational areas gives our students the opportunity to visit astonishing natural landscapes, experience exciting new activities, and bond with peers under the tutelage of a seasoned outdoor adventure expert.

By stepping outside their comfort zone, students learn the value of teamwork, trust, and honesty. These firsthand experiences give students a “real world” chance to implement the lessons they’ve learned in therapy.

Research on Getting Help For Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse

According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, a partner of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 70% of adolescents being treated for drug or alcohol abuse have a history of trauma. Studies also suggest that roughly 59% of all teenagers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) develop substance use disorder later in life.

Researchers have posited many reasons why children who have experienced trauma are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs later. Some have suggested that teens turn to substances in an attempt to self-medicate against depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Other researchers have shown a direct link between adolescent substance use and damaging behaviors—such as hitchhiking, risky sexual actions, and drunk driving—that can cause trauma. In addition, teenagers who are already abusing drugs or alcohol are less prepared to cope with a stressful or traumatic event.

For many teens, the relationship between trauma and substance abuse is complex, delicate, and mutually dependent. Thankfully, research has also shown that recovery and healing is possible through a teen rehab program. If you’re concerned about the welfare of a teenager in your life, please contact Kokua Recovery today.